Death...from the greatest comic book ever!

Listen, I'm a really huge proponent for the "you are responsible for your own actions" philosophy.  Which roughly translates to "I'm not responsible for anything that you link to from this page".  But if you just can't handle free speech and think that government mandate on personal expression is a really swell idea, then you should shove off leave the rest of us alone!  That's how I feel about government trying to legislate morality.  I think every one should be held accountable for their own actions.  But last I checked, the lawmakers weren't really soliciting my opinion on the matter.  But I've got one more really disturbing thing to vote counts just as much as anybody else' isn't THAT frightening!

Not to worry...I'm not going to voice my opinion on that joke of a presidential election. It's just funny that if we saw that on the news about these type of events going on in a third world country, our government would not recognize a leader that would appear to be illegitimate according to the elections of that nation. But that's just MY opinion. After all, it IS the United States of America, not the United States of Kissaki, so it doesn't really matter what I voted for, I don't live in the right state for my opinion to count more than everyone else's. But I'm not complaining, no really...not me.

This is all about ME!  It's all about ME, ME, ME! MY interests, MY music, MY movies, MY stories, MY quirks, oh, what the hell, not quirks, but eccentricities. I can call it what I want because it's MY PAGE!

I have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER for having a home page. Hey, one day, I got the internet, and I had a LOT of time to kill, so I decided, "Why not?" So here I am in my little niche on the net talking to who knows, or maybe you are just so mind-numbingly bored that you have nothing better to do than to read my ranting. *shrug* Who knows?

By the way, the "kissaki" is the tip of a katana sword...since I admire the beauty of the martial arts, I took the name as my own paltry tribute.

I WAS majoring in Anthropology...with a specialization in MesoAmerican studies and Spanish. But lately, I've been obsessed with being the capitalist pig that I was meant to be. Actually, that's not true. I think I would just like to be able to afford going on those awesome vacations that the Travel Channel is always featuring.

I am a total fan on independent cinema, but there are the occasional sell-out blockbuster hits that I can't help but like...but you'll never get me to admit it. For instance, I actually really like Titanic AND the Phantom Menace, but I HATED Message in a Bottle.  OK, maybe 'cos Kevin Costner doesn't sit well with me.  It may have something to do with the fact that in "Robin Hood", everyone attempted a British accent (hell, even CHRISTIAN SLATER tried!) but no, not Kevin.  And HOW MANY baseball movies can that man do????

I really enjoy Asian cinema.  I love Japanimation as well.  More specifically, I liked Battle Angel, in fact, I think it's the best animation film I've seen....ever. Also, I have a very unpopular belief that Akira is not really that great.  Asian cinema is really so immense that you can't write it off to John Woo or Akira Kurosawa. That's like saying American films are all made by Lucas and Speilberg...and we all know that's not true.

I love all kinds of music (except maybe banjo).  I've never really "grown out" of the music of my youth.  I still listen to my Black Flag, Fear, and Social Distortion tapes...and sometimes I even pull out my old Dead Kennedys vinyl.  But I've really come to like Leslie Cheung (no, I have NO clue what he's singing) and I am a trip hop convert.

I love to spend any free random thoughts fantasizing about winning the lottery and what exactly I would do with all that money. I would probably buy a DVD/VCD/Laserdisc player. Exactly like the one I saw at Fry's Electronics...One thousand bucks...better be made out of gold. Or maybe a new MP3 player for my car. Decisions, decisions.

Questions? Comments? Wanna shoot the breeze? Then e-mail me, ya freak!  By the way, I've gotten lots of email without a return to address!  So if you want me to answer your emails, then LEAVE AN ADDRESS YOU TOSSERS!

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