These are links to one of my pastimes.  I love to watch Asian Cinema...from the easily accessible to the obscure.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not the end all be all authority on this genre, but that's something I'm looking to change!  If you're into the same thing, then e-mail me.  It's cool to find other enthusiasts...and I hope my links help you out!  I know that the term "Asian Cinema" is highly abused here, the reason for that is you can't just term everything as Hong Kong Action or Japanese Action...and what about Bollywood?  So it seems the best term for now. Ciao for now! 
Another page I'd like to bring to the forefront is one that was created by none other than yours truly.  And I've STILL not changed my opinion yet.

Quentin Tarantino is a Loser!

Films that I Like! 

Well I guess I can start off with some movies that I really liked and add a brief commentary.  I'm not a professional film critic, but I'm part of the audience that the movie industry works to please, so I think I'm qualified to have an opinion.  These are not in any particular order, but they are my favorites. 

  • Fong Sai Yuk 

  • This movie was really good.  It was a good balance between action and comedy.  It actually gets serious towards the end of the movie, but I won't ruin it for you if you've never seen it.  Jet Li is absolutely adorable and Josephine Siao is brilliant as his mother.  This is a MUST SEE film.  "Super Shoe!!"

  • The Killer

  • From the opening scene I was riveted to the screen.  Chow Yun-Fat shines as a professional assassin.  This man brings acting to a higher level.  The story is rather bland, but Chow Yun-Fat and Danny Lee take it and create a masterpiece...the only drawback was Jenny's character...I found her so irritating, but women are not really important in John Woo movies, or at least the ones I've seen.

  • Bodyguard from Beijing

  • This had some really great action scenes.  Once again, Jet Li manages to amaze me with his gravity defiant abilities.  And I should also say that this story actually works, it's much more enjoyable than its American version.  And the love interest/tension is a real's a great movie.

  • God of Gamblers

  • This really shows off CYF's acting ability.  I think the story is pretty good, and the gambling scenes are great.  Wait 'til God of Gamblers loses his memory, it's priceless!  And that's a really fierce game of mahjong!

  • A Chinese Ghost Story

  • I think this is my favorite HK movie ever.  Leslie Cheung is so...angelic?  The scholar is so klutzy but so sincere that he's so endearing...not even Joey Wong's Ghost could resist him!  I just recently bought the DVD to this one, and it's very good quality.

  • Bullet in the Head

  • This is a really good movie.  I believe this is my favorite John Woo so far.  Everyone plays their respective parts very well.  Tony Leung is great, but I think Jackie Cheung and Simon Yam are the real stars in this movie.  This is a serious film, but I feel quite comfortable recommending it to anyone.

  • The Bride with White Hair 1

  • Ok, so it's no secret that I absolutely adore Brigitte Lin, but I think she is so great in this movie.  My only gripe about this movie is that you never really see Leslie Cheung's face 'cos his hair is covering it most of the time.  But the action scenes are awesome.

  • C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri 

  • I LOVED this movie!  Lau Ching-Wan is now the oh-so-impossible to find ideal guy!  OK, all kidding aside, this is a tearjerker but it's really great!  For once I liked Anita Yuen, and I wasn't irritated by her at all.  And Lau Ching-Wan...excuse me...mind if I say WOW!

Here's the section that actually makes the's my direction to you to go to other pages!!!  I can even slack off when I'm supposed to provide information to people!!!  Life is grand.  I'm all for putting off anything work-like. 

  • Asian Movies Newsgroup  Want to hear the latest and the greatest?  Want to get the scoop on the current fad?  Wanna know if there's an Asian film festival near you?  THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET IT!

  • Chow Yun-Fat: God of Actors  By far, one of the most informative and well-researched CYF sites out there!  She has not updated and in fact, I believe the page is defunct. The info is still out there, enjoy!

  • A Free Man in Hong Kong - Chow Yun-Fat  This is a unique twist on CYF...focuses more on his non-heroic bloodshed work.  PLUS, she had the DISCERNING EYE and put up MY "QT is a Loser" page.  NO, it's not favoritism...I swear...REALLY.

  • Netflix  You can rent HK DVDs from here!  They have Japanese DVDs!  THEY HAVE BOLLYWOOD!  Just try them out!  It's very easy and convenient!  Hey, I finally saw 'Expect the Unexpected' without doing permanent radioactive damage to my brain because I didn't have to sit so close to the TV to read the damn subtitles!

  • Amae Enterprises   A really great place to get VCDs.  Now, I don't know how reliable this place is, and it seems a bit confusing to order from there, but they have some titles I never thought I'd see!

  • Hong Kong Movie Database  Another extremely extensive HK site.  I don't know if 'database' is exactly the word I would use to describe it, but it's a veritable source of HK film guidance.

  • Forbidden Books and Video Where I go to rent Asian Action...they don't have Bollywood...yet. On another note, they do carry Giant Robot and they have the hugest collection of Asian Cult Cinema back issues!

  • RPM Records  Where I go to get all of my CDs...but also because they have an awesome selection of HK films on Laserdisc...and their video collection isn't too shabby, you know? He rents HK DVDs but don't even THINK you can take a DVD you bought back if it doesn't play on your player, because "if I took back every DVD that didn't play, I'd be stocked with lots of the same title on the used rack." Just a word of caution.

  • Hong Kong Pop  For all of your Canto Pop and soundtrack needs.  This service is very reliable, you usually get your order within ten days!

  • Motion and Sound   Formerly Five Star Laser.  Movies!  I also found the soundtrack to "Fallen Angels" which I was very glad of.  They were pretty prompt and extremely courteous.  Highly recommended.

  • The Internet Movie Database  A great resource for cross referencing actors and directors.  Very good!

  • Traders Page  There are a lot of Asian Cinema freaks out there! If you're one of them, you may be able to swap movies here!

  • Chinatown Video Australia Home Page - Having trouble finding that video?  This place might be of some help, unfortunately they only sell PAL format for those of us here in the USA.

  • VHS Conversion - Having trouble viewing that PAL format video on an NTSC VCR?&nbps; This place is very reasonable and the quality of tranferred videos are excellent.

  • Video Search of Miami  This is another great place to find movies!  Now a word of caution about VSOM, it's been said that these videos are not of the best quality, so if you're looking for crystal clear images, I would suggest you ditch the video and VCD format altogether and go after those DVDs!

  • Tai Seng Video  If you are a fan of HK videos, this place is it!  Since the dawn of the DVD era, maybe video will become more affordable.  If I really wanted to get wild with my fantasies, maybe they can find it in their hearts to put movies on ONE tape instead of two tapes and charge twice the price.  But, last time I checked, it's called "Tai Seng Video", not "Kissaki's Video", so I doubt they'll heed my suggestions any time soon. 

  • Reel- The Planet's Biggest Video Store...You can't rent videos there anymore, but they have a great selection you can purchase from!

  • The Girl's Guide to Hong Kong Movies This is EXACTLY what I look for in a HK movie page! ;)

  • Zine on Fire  This is a place where you can find out the latest in HK film releases.  Also has individual pages on CYF, Michelle Yeoh, and Jackie Chan.

  • Shinya Tsukamoto  For those blown away by the Tetsuo the Iron Man! THIS GUY IS RESPONSIBLE!  I just wish I could get the soundtrack!

  • Jet Li Central  For those of you who are into Jet Li!

  • The Movie Shelf's Sonny Chiba Page  This is a great page! These guys really know their stuff!  And Q. Tarantino gets egg on his face!  Trust me.  So when can I expect to see a site on Sue Shiomi?

  • Malaysia Unofficial Website of Jacky Cheung  I LOVE JACKY!!! Bullet in the Head Rules!

  • Leslie Cheung Internet Fan Club Ever since I saw "A Chinese Ghost Story," I've been a fan.  There's a rumor that he's supposed to be touring later this year...anyone have any info?

  • Moonlight Express  For those of you who love Leslie Cheung....his latest film. Well, as of this date (8/28/99)

  • Made in Hong Kong  Another great place for movies!  As for their stars sections, you'll find mainly the huge superstars, not any up and comings.  But still a very well designed site.  This one's based in the UK, so I'm not even sure if the videos they are selling are available in NTSC format.

  • Kung Fu Flix  Formerly Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Movies Page, yet another resource for movies!

  • Japanvideo  For all of you Japanese film freaks!

  • 3D Express  Mainly for those who can read Chinese, so if you can, then you're in luck!

OK, so that's it for now! 
Enjoy my links and write me if you're a fellow HK film freak! 

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