The Damned

This serves as my paltry tribute to one of the greatest bands ever!  While I don't have squat about the latest happenings, Vanian's likes or dislikes, any substantial info on Patricia Morrison, or anything of real value, I DO have some sound files that I recorded myself.  If you like the songs, go out and buy the album (CD, tape, 8 track, whatever).  Hopefully by the time all is said and done, I'd like to have songs from every official release.

After a triumphant victory over someone else on Ebay!© for "The Light at the End of the Tunnel" biography of the Damned by Carol Clerk, I have should have some pretty radical stuff coming soon!  On top of that, I can make up for the not-working RA files by finding my long lost "History of the Damned" scrapbook!  So you can expect to see some pretty great things pretty soon.  I have to apologize in advance about some of the real audio files being so cumbersome to open, but if you're into the Damned like I'M into the Damned, you should have this stuff anyway!

Sorry about the non-existence of the Real Audio files...perhaps when I can get more space, I'll placate with some MP3 files instead.  However, I don't believe Tripod supports streaming least not without my paying an arm and a leg...and my first born.  So until the next update....


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