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I'm not going to be ashamed to say it....Music is 80% of my life, but for some reason, I've NEVER been able to get a job at a record store.  BASTARDS...anyway....I have a LOT of interests...and I've listed a few here...Sorry if I inadvertently insult anyone by not getting the genre exactly "so" goes...

Favorite Group of the Moment...
I've got to get away from here...this is not a place for me to stay
Massive Attack - I've actually had this one for a while, but it's classic!

  • All  Great punk!
  • Ansigod's Rawking Man or Astroman? Site  I love them!  Saw them for the 1st time 2 years ago!!! Where have they been my entire life?
  • Atari Teenage Riot  Destroy 2000 Years of Culture!  Check it out!
  • Beastie Boys Official World Wide Web Site For those of you who can't get enough of those crazy guys..this site is METICULOUSLY updated!
  • The Bel Canto Site  One of my personal favorite bands....
  • Bjork  What music page would be complete without Bjork?
  • The Chinkees - SKA FOR LIFE!
  • Cibo Matto  Food Madness proclaims that you need to know your chicken!
  • The Cramps  I love the chicken song!
  • The Cure  An essential link for any decent goth out there...I don't even need to TRY explaining myself.
  • The Damned  Yeah yeah, I know...the Damned are not goth...they are punk..blahdy blah blah...hey don't lecture me...I can score more on a Damned quiz than anyone out don't even try it.
  • Dead Can Dance  Hmmm...What can you say that hasn't been said?
  • Echo and the Bunnymen Site  This one is very polished and flashy...enjoy!
  • Elastica  This music is just plain fun!!!
  • Fat Records Great place to get CDs! (mine was $10!)
  • Fun Lovin' Criminals Coolest of the cool!
  • Green Day  Yeah, I like ' what??
  • Gus Gus  I highly recommend this band if you're into the who "trip hop" genre
  • Harvey Danger Welcomes YOU! I love this band...they're know...
  • Homepage DReW-ON  En espanol..but you can easily get it...I could...and I'm barely comprehensive...
  • Hooverphonic  It's a sterophonic sound spectacular!
  • Hyperreal  This is it...just about everything you ever wanted to know...
  • Japan Edge-Underground  Cool Stuff happening in Japan...
  • KMFDM doesn't mean....  In case you were wondering what the heck it meant in the first place but were afraid to ask for fear of sounding like a dumbass...=) 
  • Love and Rockets: Hot Trip to Heaven  I was hooked on them the moment I first heard "You're No Big Deal"...classic!
  • Madonna  Nobody messes with this woman!
  • Morcheeba  Great Band!  I love the mellow beats.
  • The Misfits  "rip the heads of little girls and put 'em on my wall"  'Nuff said!
  • MXPX  Perhaps I like them for the wrong reasons, but I just love Summer of '69!
  • The Official Unofficial Joy Division/Ian Curtis Page  VERY self explanatory.
  • Olive  A long lost friend introduced me to this band, and I'm forever hooked.
  • PJ Harvey  I saw her when she was first supporting "Dry".  There must've been like 30 people in the venue, but I think that's the best way to see her.
  • Pegboy  I saw these guys when they opened for Social D. back in '91...I swear, Dallas was completely won over by them! WHEN ARE THEY COMING BACK???
  • Pollstar  Not really a musical artist, but it has EVERYONE who is on tour.
  • Portishead  For those of us who love being depressed without being suicidal...or is that just called "being pensive" nowadays?
  • The Prodigy  All I can say is: Prodigy, Prodigy, Prodigy! Keith is a MANIAC! I don't know if they've managed to get the site back up or not, but here's the link!
  • Propagandhi  I love these guys! Their message is pretty political, but it is still good fun for those non-political types...
  • Reverend Horton Heat  This is a band who is very near and dear to my heart...I'd go to church everyday if the Reverend was preaching...but what exactly he would be preaching is left to your imagination...  ;)
  • Shonen Knife  When they opened for Nirvana long ago, they brought down the house!
  • Social Distortion  Yeah..I know...don't tell me...they aren't exactly Rockabilly...they started out as punk...yadda yadda...but they sound Rockabilly-ish to me..and it's MY page, so that's good they have really cool tattoos (that was my shallow remark of the day).
  • Spy's Drum N Bass  For those who fear the onset of "electronica" and all of that "drumming shite"...hey, it's not bad at all. I kind of dig it. =) 
  • Taiko Resource  This is for those who are really into know those really cool drum thingys?  This is the ULTIMATE drum site!!!  You can actually download some beats...awesome! 
  • Ten Foot Pole  Great stuff! I love both of their releases..however, I am NOT an if they have any more releases that I don't know about...then I will be happy to be stood corrected!  
  • TRANCE FORMACION  Based out of Mexico! I'm soooo proud! We need a scene there soooo bad!
  • Tricky  Great great great music...more trip hopping music
  • Trouserpress - Great band resource!
  • Warping Allergen  From Japan again...great sound bits.  You need Real Audio however, but I assure you, it's absolutely worth it!
  • Welcome to the Dreamhouse  Siouxsie Sioux...she is a goddess...and the world is her throne..or something like that...I'm not a poet for crying out get used to it!

Hey, you've just gotta keep up with the times, no? Otherwise you can be like my stepbrother who instantly dates himself when he says he listens to Pink Floyd and America *chortle*

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